Monday, April 10, 2017

Final Post

The last three years have been a fun and educational blogging experience. As you can probably tell from the frequency of my posts, it has become a burden to update on such a regular basis. Due to there being little reward or compensation from this blog, it is hard justifying the time to write articles, especially while pursuing my masters degree and working full time.

FCP Euro's Mercedes C300 race car
FCP Euro hired me for DIY maintenance and modification blog posts, many of which I have shared on my own blog. As of 2017, they are taking a new direction to solely focus on their own motorsports team. However, my numerous articles have been archived for my portfolio and can still be read here: FCP Euro - Michael Hallock. I hope that these write-ups can guide and inspire other self proclaimed mechanics for many years to come.

Just because I am retiring this blog, does not mean I am leaving the car scene. Quite the opposite! I will continue to upload videos on YouTube featuring #ProjectV50 and my P1 Volvo instructional guides

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MyNameIdeasWereTaken's 2008 Volvo C30
My C30 is an ongoing project, becoming more race car every day. Details can be seen on my website, but you can also follow along with the build on SwedeSpeed and C30Crew.

MyNameIdeasWereTaken's 2006 Volvo V50

My wife's V50 "XC" is the another project, with progression updates being shared both on YouTube and SwedeSpeed.

Thank you to my loyal followers and readers. I'll see you around on the internet!
MyNameIdeasWereTaken ~ Michael

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Project V50: Redline Goods Steering Wheel

A good friend in Germany sent me the first Redline Goods steering wheel for nothing more than the cost of shipping. Since then, it has been installed in my S40, my C30, my previous V50, and now the new V50XC.

The perforated leather stays significantly cooler in the summer and the white stitching adds a sporty touch to the interior of the car.

The following video shows the installation process: